New Oil at Ristorante Osteria Favorita

Oil at New Favorita
We love December, because in addition to the parties and the Snow, perhaps, brings with it the longer you wait delights.

That we look more joy is the New Oil!!
This year we have selected the oil company of Marco Viola.

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The Fossa Cheese delights at the inn

Formaggio di Fossa OF Sogliano the Rubicon
In December the inn's favorite adds to its large selection of cheeses of the Rè Pecorini, the Fossa cheese. Offering in addition to the tasting I relish, a first course of excellence; The twisted Wheat Senator Hats Fossa and Truffle.
We selected as our supplier the Cheese of the Ancient Fosse Dr.. Gianfranco Rossini. The pits of Dr.. Rossini produce a high-quality cheese, They are among the oldest pits Seasoning, The company is part of the Consortium “The pit Sogliano the Rubicon” and it offers us different seasoning Cheese.

But you know cosè Fossa cheese?

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Romantic Suite

Relais and Hospitality in Assisi

The host is a precious stone set on the cushion of hospitality.
(Rex Stout)
After a careful restoration in respect of the original structure and tradition of the place, Relais Favorita we made the rooms comfortable and spacious.
Each of our 10 accommodation has been furnished with great care, with furniture from the early '900 and different color tones that offer countless combinations, solutions stay with services and spaces for the various requirements of the customer, and above all to offer to all that which is the essence of hospitality, or the right blend of comfort and taste: feelings that make you feel good.
We wait for you, the Relais Favorita.

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The fried dumplings dell'Osteria

The fried dumplings is a real fast food to Modena. But what is its history?
The dumpling is one of the reasons why we have to thank the Lombards: more than 1300 Years ago, during their domination in Italy, They passed on their recipe to Emilian.
All this time, fried gnocchi was the star of the breakfast peasant, Winter, when the killing of the pig he had available the key ingredient for frying: lard.
Since the middle of last century, the fried dumplings is eaten at all times of the day and is very versatile: dolce, with jam and Nutella, or salted, combined with vegetables, meats and soft cheeses.
Come and experience the cuisine of Emilia in the heart of Umbria!

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Our Butcher Trust

Been working Butcher? Choose meat, know how to cut and hang.
We Osteria Emiliana found our butcher Trust!
Cattle Luxury is the butcher of Morlupo Lazio, which produces and distributes beef selected among the most noble cuts of adult cattle, with an obsessive attention to every stage of the production process and the choice of the best partners to ensure the adequate safety standards.
Add to that the high quality of the maturation, both classical and dry (Dry-Aged), able to soften the meat and concentrate the flavor in muscle mass, to achieve the main purpose of Cattle Luxury: the highest quality products to meet customer needs.

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Ham Knife

Pork ham Brado the Knife

An art full of history also loved by the Kings? Ham knife!
Slice the ham means well enhance the aesthetic and organoleptic, and in the past, throughout Europe, be cutter meat was like to have a prestigious role. It seems that even Louis XVIII of France was very proud of his precision nell'affettare ham, pastime that he adored.
An ancient art and not for all, therefore, Whereas the universal cutting does not exist and that every sausage claims a specific, but here you can feel comfortable Osteria Emiliana: we know them all.

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Garden of the Day

The garden of the tavern Emiliana

The real luxury for us who love nature and genuine products? Having the garden!
Thanks to the stunning display and the source of water combined with the fertile ground of Podere Favorita, we were able to give us what for us is a luxury: a garden of our own!
With its products, Rosy (our wonderful cook), prepares a dish with freshly picked vegetables, that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes: stuffed vegetables, gratin and grilled, united inevitable gardener oil, fortunately available all year

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Tasting Parmigiano Cows White

Parmigiano-Reggiano Cows White Seasoned 30 months is a high quality cheese from the Apennines of Modena and produced exclusively from the milk of Modenese White Cow, race that the second stud book established in 1957 is present on the territory with less than 250 specimens.
To preserve the farming of this precious breed – which in the past it has helped to spread the production of fine Parmigiano-Reggiano in Modena, but that it was in time replaced by cow Friesian.

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Stories Lambrusco

The cellar of Vittorio Graziano

No indication road to get to his cellar settled in the rolling hills of Castelvetro, but after the first time you go you're after more and become the cynosure for all enonaviganti.

Vittorio Graziano is the most representative of the return to tradition of bottle fermentation. Faithfully follows the dictates of natural farming: no chemistry in the vineyard and winery, the wine is made only thanks to indigenous yeasts and the use of sulfur dioxide in wine is reduced to a minimum.

It is said to be abstemious in his youth and who has approached the wine almost by chance thanks to the lightning strike had a drinking Lambrusco in the early '80s. From there then the first harvest, 31 Years ago, in 1982.

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The First of Italy

The First of Italy
The First of Italy is the first and only National Festival of First Courses. Pasta, rice, soups, gnocchi, polenta but also food products essential for the creation of a tasty first, are the protagonists of the most appetizing culinary marathon of Italy. An event that dresses up the entire historic center of Foligno, promoting all-round culture of the first course on the table. The First of Italy takes place the last week of September and includes tastings continuing, cooking lessons, demonstrations of great chefs, quality food production, but also moments of spectacle and entertainment. A universe of continuous tastings and food culture, where all roads lead to taste!
The Villages of Taste is the centerpiece of the event and provides a walkway between suggestive location of the old town for the occasion and turned into numbered stages of a pleasant culinary Way of the Cross. Here you can pick between tastings continuing to € 2,50 or menu early in € 7,50.

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