under the "Code for the protection of personal data" (Decree. n. 196/2003)

Dear User,

Emiliani S.r.l. Via Andrea Costa 18/20 06134 Bastia Umbra PG P. VAT 03432430548, As data processing, pursuant to Article. 13 of the Code concerning the protection of personal data, informs you that your personal data, conferred freely when registering to our site www.relaisfavorita.com, designed to receive information about the services we promote, when actually performed, They will be processed for the purposes and according to what follows.

1) Aims of treatment for which the provision of data is necessary to the personal information you provided at registration will be processed by Emiliani Srl. , directly or through third parties, for purposes related to the interest, she expressed, the provision of services that we promoted and those resulting from the purchase of the codes of legitimacy, if effectively carried out. By way of example may be used to contact you at the address specified by you in order to provide the requested information and to give updates and, If you have made a purchase, They will be used for delivery of the goods at the address you indicated, to update the status of shipment, for billing, for the management of complaints and in any case for all administrative and fiscal formalities necessary for evasion of its demands or to carry out the contract she signed with Emiliani Srl. . Providing your data is necessary to achieve those objectives; their failure, partial or incorrect conferment could have as consequence the impossibility to find his requests and to perform the contract. In addition to these purposes, personal data may also be processed to fulfill obligations under applicable laws, regulations or laws, as well as provisions of supervisors.

2) Aims of treatment prosecuted on the basis of the consent of the event she has given its consent and possible revocation of the same, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes: a) sending, also using automated or via SMS, MMS, fax e/o email, of advertising and information for marketing services and goods from the same promoted / marketed; b) sending by Emiliani S.r.l. or of individuals appointed by the customers, also using automated or via SMS, MMS, fax e/o email, of advertising and information to third party companies of the sectors of tourism and / or its promotion and production and marketing of foods and beverages for marketing and promotions of the same. The consent for the processing purposes indicated in this point 2 is always optional and may be expressed in reference to one of the letters a) e b) or to both. You can still revoke any consent given for such additional purposes at any time, free of charge by contacting the contact details indicated below in 4. Following a possible denial or revocation of the said agreement, Emiliani S.r.l. treat your data only for the purposes indicated in point 1.

3) Methods of treatment and categories of persons who operate the processing shall be using hand tools, computer and data and some processing of their personal data can be made, as well as by employees of Emiliani S.r.l. , by third parties, including the affiliates and / or subsidiaries of Emiliani Srl. , However to achieve the purposes described above. In that case the same subjects will work as autonomous holders or will be designated as Managers or Trustees. To managers or to Trustees, may designate, Emiliani S.r.l. give, anyhow, adequate operating instructions, with specific reference to the minimum security measures, in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data you provide. The companies mentioned above are essentially those who Emiliani Srl. entrusts assistance activities, advertising, promotion, sales to customers and those providing the services.

4) Right of access to personal data and other rights pursuant to Art. 7 of the Code concerning the protection of personal data you have the right of access at all times to the data concerning them and to exercise other rights provided by. 7 of the Code concerning the protection of personal data, contacting the phone number 075 800 2832 or email delivery info@relaisfavorita.com. In the same way you can ask the data source, correction, updating or integration of inaccurate or incomplete data, or the cancellation or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, or oppose it being used for the purposes referred to in point 2 or for other reasons as indicated in the request.




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